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Solutions Templates

A library of detection helpers that can be used in Tag Managers to improve tracking abilities of Analytics software.

Dead clicks

Dead clicks are clicks that have no effect on the page. The visitor clicks on the image to zoom it in, but nothing happens. He expects a text string to be a link, but it isn’t. Or he clicks on a button, but to no avail. In such situations, the visitor will end up clicking twice, quickly. Looking for dead clicks will help you find these main points of frustration and improve visitors` experience as soon as possible.

Error clicks

Error clicks are clicks that result in JavaScript errors. The visitor doesn’t have to click on something many times in a row. Just one click is enough to spot an error. Often the visitor doesn’t notice that something is broken, but for you, it’s a signal that a particular JavaScript element is not working.

Mouse shake

Mouse shaking is when users erratically move their cursor back and forth. Rapidly moving the cursor over a page can indicate the user is getting exasperated with some aspect of their experience. Perhaps the site performance is slow or they are struggling to figure something out.

Rage clicks

Rage clicks are like punching your mouse or touchpad because it doesn’t do what you want. They are triggered when a visitor clicks an element on your website multiple times, rapidly. In most cases, rage clicks signal that your website didn’t react the way your visitor expected, so you may want to take a closer look at it.

Quick Back

A quick back is a click on a page that leads the user away from the current page to another web site, which the user does not find useful and returns to the original page or website under a certain threshold of time.

Excessive Scroll

Excessive scrolling detects when a user scrolls through site content at a higher rate than expected for standard content consumption.

Heatmap clicks collector

First exposed function (getElementPath) allow to collect clicks data for Site inspector's heatmap/clickmap feature. Second exposed function (injectConfigForSiteInspector) gets configuration from Tag manager container and exposes it for Site inspector. Provided solution saves clicked target paths under custom event which name should remain unchanged to correct work of Site inspector.

Form timing tracking

This script will track events of focus, blur and change on <input>, <select>, <textarea> and <datalist> fields of <form> elements. Script will calculate the time spent on given field and submit value in seconds as Custom Event value (e.g. 2.345). <form> element on your website will be automatically detected.

Track copied text

This template allows you to track pieces of text that are copied to clipboard by your website users.

Video tracking for HTML5 videos

This template allows you to track videos watched on your website